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Creating branding and websites that are unapologetically you




Fed up with blending in and looking like everyone else? It's time to break free and let your bad-ass brand shine! At Summer Design Co., we create branding and websites that are unapologetically YOU. Imagine this: a jaw-dropping website that screams your unique vision and attracts your dream clients like a magnet.

You deserve a digital space that feels like home. Get ready for those happy tears – it's time to flaunt a brand that’s 100% authentically you.



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 It’s about building a brand that commands attention, earns trust, and sparks desire. We craft identities that make people sit up, take notice, and feel a burning need to be part of your tribe.

Our branding speaks to the bold, the daring, and the unapologetic—making your audience not just want to follow you but to join your movement. With a brand that resonates and inspires, you’re not just in the cool club—you’re the queen bee leading the pack.

Branding THAT gets you in the cool club

Our designs are bold and unforgettable, capturing your audience's attention from the first click. But it doesn't stop there—functionality is key.

We build user-friendly, high-performing sites that not only look stunning but also deliver seamless navigation —it's a powerhouse that drives results and reflects your unapologetic brand.

Websites that are bad a**

Our brand strategy is your secret weapon to skyrocketing success. We dive deep into your vision and craft a strategy that’s all about bold moves and big wins. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about creating a brand that dominates.

We’ll help you harness your unique strengths, captivate your audience, and build unwavering loyalty.

Brand strategy to take your biz to the next level


Creating brands that are worth talking about is our specialty. We craft identities that spark interest and leave lasting impressions. It's about being memorable and making an impact. Let's create a brand that everyone can't stop talking about.

We have a passion for working with authentic humans and brands. The mission is to help you be unapologetically you, embracing your unique qualities and strengths. Together, we'll create a brand that not only stands out but truly represents who you are.

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Our clients are the best. Here's what they have to say.

The Kindest Words

Words from our clients

danny Adams

Her strategic approach to storytelling has significantly improved our user engagement and helped us connect more deeply with our community. 

Kate's expertise turned our vision into reality

sophie turner

 Her creative approach to our product descriptions has not only enhanced our online presence but also elevated our brand identity.

Don't wait to book Kate!

Heather Nichole Coaching

5 stars for Sammy! She absolutely nailed my vision with her fantastic design skills. More than just creating a website, she went above and beyond to make sure every detail reflected my style and needs. Her creativity and dedication were outstanding. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly personalized and professional website design. Big thanks for making my website dreams a reality!

5 stars for sammy!

Mataya Buck 


Kelly Daugett Photography

I’m so glad I came across your page and was able to book you. It has been amazing. I can’t believe how quickly you got everything done and you’ve been so patient and so kind and helped me whenever I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing! You’re literally the best at what you do and I’m so thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. And I can’t wait to send more people your way because I have never been more happy with something in my life!!

I had 4 inquiries within a few days of launching my website!!

Sasha Takes Pictures

Sammy has the BEST communication in the game.  She helped me create the visual for my brand and I couldn’t ever thank her enough. Sammy makes you feel excited for each step. I never once was disappointed with her ideas and results. Sammy and I also got to know each other on a personal level. She doesn’t make it feel like just another web designer, she makes you feel taken care of. If you were on the fence about investing into this, don’t! Just do it because it finally lifted the weight of me ignoring and hating my website. My clients are all sooo impressed.

If yOu were on the fence abOut investing intO this, Just do it!!

 It’s time to ditch the generic and embrace the unique. Let’s transform your brand into a powerhouse that truly reflects who you are and delivers the results you deserve.

Upgrade your biz from ordinary 



upgrade my biz, baby!!




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creating branding and websites that not only captures attention, but HOLDS IT.